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After the recent decisions of the Legion to close the only local food bank Serving OUR Veterans, we decided we couldn’t let this become our reality.

For FAR to long our Veterans have been marginalized by both the Canadian Government and now the very people that are supposed to stand up for them.


You STOOD FOR US now its our turn.. to stand up for what is right..


AND NOT JUST FOR 1 day a year (November 11th).

Whenever you need assistance, We are here !




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  1. Maggie Scott

    I am very grateful for the Veterans of all wars for all they have done for the rest of us, so that we can leave a good and decent life.
    I was devastated to hear that not only was the Poppy Fund / Legion shutting down the Veterans Food Bank, but they did so 4 months early.

    I have just signed up for a monthly donation in support of our Veterans. I hope many others feel as I do and are able to express their appreciation in what ever way they can afford.

    Thank you

  2. Name*

    thank you for your donation. I’m so happy this place still exists but sad we need a food bank to begin with. I will donate, too.

  3. Roger Pierce

    Thank you so much Maggie for your generosity and for your understanding of the plight of our Veterans. Just after Christmas I brought food to an 85 year old Veteran who literally had half a box of corn flakes in his kitchen. I could not do this without you.
    Roger Pierce
    Exec VP, The Veterans Food Bank of Calgary

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